Our foundation breeding cats have been imported from fantastic quality award winning lines from the U.K. & the U.S. Their bloodlines originate from Russia, the U.K. and the U.S.


TICA CH, RW Gatodouro Ojay (import UK)


Blue tabby bicolour

Ojay arrived in NZ from the UK in February 2019.

His sire is from Merloni cattery Russia, and dam from Gatodouro cattery UK.

Thank you to Jelena from Gatodouro for this gorgeous natured boy.



NZCF GCH Fuzzoff Myrtle Turtle

Blue bicolour

Yasmin our homebred girl was born May 2016


FuzzOff-60 FuzzOff-14






















Fuzzoff Macy Gray

Blue bicolour 

Mandy our homebred girl was born August 2017




Our breeding cats are tested every 6 -12 months for HCM at Veterinary Specialist Group or Animal Referral Centre in Auckland. All breeding cats are DNA tested for CMS (congenital myasthenic syndrome), coat colour panel & blood type through UC Davis, CA, USA.

  • Gatodouro Ojay – HCM scanned clear 2 December 2018 in London. Scan by Dr Babis Koffas, Veterinary Cardiologist, London,UK.
  • Fuzzoff Myrtle Turtle (Yasmin) – HCM scanned clear May 2019, May 2018, May 2017 @ Veterinary Specialist Group, Auckland. CMS clear (UC Davis CA, USA)
  • Fuzzoff Macy Gray (Mandy) – HCM scanned clear August 2019, July 2018 @ Veterinary Specialist Group, Auckland. CMS Clear (UC Davis CA, USA)

Sharyn has a Diploma in Veterinary Nursing (with merit) and has worked in veterinary specialist practice for over a decade, and values the health of her cats and kittens very highly. Sharyn works part time from home so is home most of the day to spend time with the mums and kittens therefore the kittens are well socialised.

Retired Cats



NZCF GldDGCh/CatzInc SupDGCh

Ninavetta Pure Future (UK)

Black & White Bicolour

Elton arrived from the UK February 2014

  • NZCF 2014 2nd best Shorthair entire cat
  • NZCF 2014 Best entire Sphynx cat
  • Catzinc 2014 Best Shorthair Cat
  • CatzInc 2014 National Breed Winner Sphynx
  • CatzInc 2014 Karnak Winner
  • CatzInc 2014 2nd best Allbreed Entire Cat







Ninavetta Pure Future (Elton) – HCM scanned clear November 2016 @ Animal Referral Centre, Auckland. May 2016, November 2015, April 2015, October 2014, April 2014 @ Veterinary Specialist Group, Auckland.


TICA Ch Isida Sheldon (Russia)


Sheldon arrived in New Zealand from the UK in February 2016. He was born and bred in Russia, then moved to the UK as a kitten.

12909671_1699324533661899_4750982008033861005_o 12719594_1699324450328574_811656341616491618_o








Isida Sheldon – HCM scanned clear @ Animal Referral Centre, Auckland, February 2017. HCM scanned clear January 2016, November 2014 in UK.


SilDGrCh Ninavetta Nazma Hero (UK), our foundation stud.

Seal Tabby Mink

NZCF SilDGCh Ninavetta Nazma Hero is now retired. Sup.Db.Gr.Ch.SCNW.Kw

  • Ninavetta Nazma Hero top Sphynx in New Zealand for 2012!!!!
  • Catz Inc Southern Cross National Winner 2012
  • Supreme Double Grand Champion NW KW BW – Highest scoring exhibit!!!!
  • National Best of Breed – Best Sphynx 2012
  • Best Shorthair Championship Cat 2012
  • Best Allbreed Championship Cat 2012
  • Most Best In Shows Championship Cat 2012
  • Most Points Championship Cat 2012
  • NZ Cat Fancy – Best Sphynx – National Best of Breed 2012
  • 8th Best Shorthair Entire Cat in New Zealand 2012 – Silver Double Grand Champion


Naked Valley Raquel (USA) – our foundation queen

Blue Point Bicolour

Raquel arrived from the USA May 2012 

Naked Valley (Raquel) – HCM scanned clear April 2018, November 2015, October 2014, September 2013 @ Veterinary Specialist Group, Auckland, May 2012 @ Veterinary Specialists, Utah, USA.



NZCF Ch Ninavetta Aurora Purrealis (UK)


Indy arrived from the UK February 2016








Ninavetta Aurora Purrealis (Indy) – HCM scanned clear May 2016 @ Veterinary Specialist Group, Auckland.


Fuzzoff Mia Fur Won’t Grow

Blue Point Bicolour

Mia our homebred girl was born in October 2015

NZCF 7th best entire short haired kitten of the year 2016

NZCF best entire Sphynx kitten 2016

_MG_5691 IMG_0207






Fuzzoff Mia Fur Won’t Grow – HCM scanned clear November 2016 @ Veterinary Specialist Group, Auckland.