Dr Kate Meurs of North Carolina State University, USA,  has recently (September 2020)  discovered one gene responsible for increasing a Sphynx’s risk for developing Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM). https://www.vet.cornell.edu/departments-centers-and-institutes/cornell-feline-health-center/health-information/feline-health-topics/hypertrophic-cardiomyopathy

The identified gene is responsible for 60% of the genetic cause of HCM in Sphynx.

A DNA test is now available (January 2021) worldwide to all Sphynx breeders and owners, with the samples being processed in the USA.

I have requested the DNA kits in order to then send back DNA samples for all of my breeding cats.

Until I receive the test results, I have decided to hold off with my breeding plans.

I feel it would be unethical and irresponsible to breed my cats without knowing which cats might carry this gene or not, as it is not recommended to breed two carriers together.

Looking at the mailing times to the USA and the test processing times it may be at least 4 months or more before I have the results in hand.

Please be certain to purchase any potential Sphynx kitten from a reputable breeder who routinely scans their breeding for HCM (through a specialist veterinary hospital) and who is also testing with the new DNA test through North Carolina University, USA.

This is our best chance to help the health heart of this breed.

Save yourself the heartache of purchasing a Sphynx at high risk of developing HCM, and support those of us who are striving to make a difference to increase the health of this amazing breed.



Kittens will only go to approved homes.


We do not have kittens sitting here waiting on homes.

The only way to obtain a kitten from us is to apply to be on the waiting list.

Sphynx are a special breed and are not suited for everyone/everyone does not suit a Sphynx.

We want our kittens to go to the very best forever homes.

To be considered for a kitten, please email with detailed information on what kind of home situation you can offer one of our treasured kittens, what human and furred family members you already have, etc.

Potential new slaves for our kittens will be very carefully screened!


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